Introducing Jay Sommariva

We are pleased to share with our readers and clients the addition of Jay Sommariva to our team. Jay joined us last month and will be directing our fixed income group. As vice president and senior fixed income portfolio manager, Jay will be responsible for analyzing and allocating our fixed income portfolios.

Jay previously served as vice president and senior portfolio manager at BNY Mellon in Pittsburgh where he managed $50 billion in short duration fixed income assets across 35 portfolios. He also held posts at Northern Trust and Mellon Financial Corporation, totaling 20 years of experience in the industry.

Jay’s experience, coupled with his similarly aligned investing principals, makes him a terrific choice to lead our fixed income team. Jay brings with him an impressive resume and commitment to client satisfaction. We are excited that he will be joining us and enhancing the services we provide.

Check back to Ramparts for future posts from Jay, as he will be contributing to the blog and updating readers with news from the fixed income team.


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