Employee Spotlight: Jim Hagerty

Jim Hagerty

Welcome, Jim Hagerty! Jim recently joined Fort Pitt as a Senior Business Analyst so we thought now would be the perfect time to get to know him better. For this edition of Employee Spotlight, we talked to Jim about his job, his dog and what he likes to do in his free time.

What are your main responsibilities in your new role with Fort Pitt?

I’m providing day to day systems support and doing project management, but my primary focus is trading systems.

What brought you to Fort Pitt?

I was looking for an opportunity that provided variety in terms of responsibilities. The Business Analyst role at Fort Pitt allows me to do a wide range of tasks like software development and general project oversight so it was a good fit. Fort Pitt being a respected name with local roots was also a big factor.

What is your ideal weekend?

I like getting outdoors. My wife and I will often go jogging, hiking or fishing. Normally we go fishing locally around the Pittsburgh area but sometimes we get up to Erie, PA.

What is something people may not know about you?

I’m in a curling league, the strange sport with the brooms you see on the Winter Olympics. A friend of mine started a team last year at Neville Island. Just one training session and off you go. None of us are very good but it’s something different to do. We’ll be getting the team back together again this year to give it another try.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

My wife and I took a cruise to the Bahamas last year for our 10th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was just all-around an excellent trip.


Do you have any pets?

We have a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd/Pomeranian mix named Bam Bam. We did not know what to expect but he ended up looking like a miniature German Shepherd. He is getting up there in age but is still very active.

Read more about Jim Hagerty in his employee profile.

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