Reusing passwords is dangerous; do this instead

Using the same password for multiple online accounts is risky business because once someone learns your password they can access all of your accounts. It’s important you have a strong and unique password for every one of your accounts and apps. Yes, it is difficult to remember dozens of passwords. So what can you do to protect your accounts without having to tax your memory? We very much believe in using password managers because it creates secure passwords and you don’t have to memorize them all! Plus, they provide a protected vault to store all your passwords for you.

According to the SANS Institute, password managers work by storing all of your passwords in a database. This database is what is referred to as the vault. All of the contents in the database are encrypted and protected with a master password that only you know. Essentially, all you have to do is memorize one password. The downfall is that you cannot ever forget that one password! We recommend using a passphrase as your master password. That way it will be very strong and difficult for someone else to figure out. A passphrase is a short sentence like “drinkcoffeenow.”

When you initially set up your password manager, you will need to manually enter all of your logins and passwords. Most password managers work hand-in-hand with web browsers, so going forward the password manager will detect when you’re registering for a new online account or changing a password for an existing account and update the vault accordingly.

It does take some time to get familiar with using the software, but once you get the hang of it you will never look back. You can store not only passwords but you can create secure notes for yourself like rewards numbers, known traveler ID, and even your gym locker padlock combination. We use and recommend Last Pass (

Nathan Boxx, Bradley Newman, Jason Seltzer

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