What’s fueling oil’s two-day rally

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This week, I appeared on both CNBC “Power Lunch” and Fox Business “Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo” to share Fort Pitt’s thinking on the markets and investing.

On CNBC, I offered my bearish view on Facebook. Since we’re long-term holders of stock, I would like to see Facebook turn into more of a selling engine before we would consider buying. While Facebook receives a lot of time and attention from consumers, the website is more of a social site, not a place for commerce – something advertisers pay for.

As a market panelist on Fox Business “Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo,” I discussed what’s fueling oil’s two-day rally. Energy is a large part of the S&P, but not the whole part of the S&P. Therefore, I think that consolidation needs to happen in this sector. Fort Pitt’s investing strategy includes a healthy balance sheet, strong cash flow, and narrative for growth.

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