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How to manage an influx of money

Whether you’ve landed your dream job with a high-paying salary, inherited an estate, or just hit the lottery, coming into a windfall of money can be challenging to navigate on your own. There are a few steps to take to help ensure that money is well taken care of. Initially, it’s important to connect with… Continue reading →

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Tip of the month: Don’t fall victim to credit cards

While credit cards are a useful financial tool, it’s important to use them when it makes sense and to do so moderately. If not, interest rate payments can pile up, your identity and account info can be compromised, and you could find yourself in a perpetual cycle of credit card debt. In order to help… Continue reading →

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Charlie’s month-end reading list

Kick off the summer season with another batch of timely articles circulating at Fort Pitt: The first piece, “Napolitano: The GOP didn’t touch the core of Obamacare,” is a Mises Institute piece by reporter Ryan McMaken that summarizes Judge Napolitano’s impression of the GOP’s repeal of Obamacare. Napolitano believes that the new plan “assumes the… Continue reading →

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Small and big piggy banks

Mother’s Day financial advice

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The power of investing

According to a Harris Poll released in September, there is an interesting dichotomy when it comes to millennials and their financial habits. On one hand, the report shows millennials are off to a great start investing in their retirement accounts, saving more today than people did a decade ago. On the other hand, 80 percent… Continue reading →

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