Investor’s Behavior During Market Fluctuations

Written by: Nathan Boxx, AIF®, CFP® | Director of Retirement Plan Services If you watch financial news, especially during market fluctuations, you have undoubtedly heard “the markets hate uncertainty” phrase repeated ad nauseam, and I hate it. It’s a tired cliché and offers no insight into the present or future issues at hand. The future is always uncertain,[...] Continue reading
22 July, 2020

Consolidation of Financial Statements

There are a variety of things you should consider when consolidating accounts and organizing your finances. At Fort Pitt, it’s a priority of ours to help clients organize their financial lives and help them with their financial planning goals. There are several benefits that come along with consolidating old accounts, such as 401(k)s from previous employers. When[...] Continue reading
16 July, 2020

Charlie’s Finance Articles June 2020

Here are Fort Pitt Capital Group’s finance articles for June 2020: “Sizing the commercial real estate bust,” is our first article and it comes from The Institutional Risk Analyst. The impending commercial real estate bust in the U.S. may be bigger than the residential mortgage bust of the 2000s and the commercial real estate collapse of the 1990s. Our next[...] Continue reading
30 June, 2020

Charlie’s Finance Articles May 2020

Here are Fort Pitt Capital Group’s finance articles for May 2020: We start off with the Bloomberg article, “Wall Street mines Apple and Google mobility data to spot revival.” COVID-19 is like no other shock to the markets, so most investors are discounting traditional indicators of a recovery and getting creative by poring over mobility data. “Ignore dismal[...] Continue reading
29 May, 2020

Your Emergency Fund – How Much, Plus Why, How, and Where

It is times like these that stress the importance of planning a healthy savings strategy and how much of an emergency fund you should have. If you are experiencing your own personal recession amid these times of Social Distancing and are among the almost 40 million Americans that have filed for unemployment since March, this probably is not your top priority. Times of[...] Continue reading
26 May, 2020

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