Compliance Corner: Trusted Contacts Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to stay at home. Although this has provided people with the opportunity to spend more time with their families, it has also taken a toll on income and finances. To continue making payments on expenses, such as mortgages and bills, some investors have had to tap their retirement accounts for extra funds.  Under the CARES[...] Continue reading
13 October, 2020

Webinar: Impact of COVID 19 on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs can be complex, and COVID 19 has created further confusion about changes to costs and the impact of the pandemic on healthcare. We hosted a webinar to address important questions and topics with Jason Seltzer from Engle-Hambright & Davies, INC (EHD) including the evolution of voluntary benefits, remote work and solutions for administering benefits and[...] Continue reading
7 October, 2020

Charlie’s Finance Articles August 2020

As summer starts to wind down, we’re sharing Fort Pitt Capital Group’s latest finance articles for the month: Our first article, “Work-from-home unleashes nightmares for office landlords & surrounding businesses. Global Banks at the forefront” comes from Wolf Street. Global banks are among the first to make changes for their workforce and shift to a[...] Continue reading
31 August, 2020

Fab Five Forever…Or Not?

Many clients are asking how the U.S. stock market can be flat for the year to date, when much of the economy is still in a funk. The short answer is… another question:  what’s your definition of the “stock market”? If you’re using the capitalization-weighted S&P 500 Index as your measure of the average stock, have a look at the chart below: It shows[...] Continue reading
6 August, 2020

Charlie’s Finance Articles July 2020

Here are Fort Pitt Capital Group’s finance articles for July 2020: gives us our first article, “A great market divergence: Traders break down the split in the S&P 500.” The five largest stocks on the S&P 500 keep getting bigger while 49 of the smallest 50 on the S&P 500 keep getting smaller. “Passive fingerprints are all over this crazy[...] Continue reading
31 July, 2020

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