Market Update May 11, 2022

As we outlined in our early-year outlook commentary and presentations, we thought 2022 would be a “reset” year for equity markets. The extraordinary returns investors enjoyed over the previous three years left equity valuations high and markets susceptible to unforeseen outcomes – such as – more persistent inflationary pressures, surging bond yields, and[...] Continue reading
11 May, 2022

2020 Fixed Income Review & 2021 Outlook

Money Supply As we are all well aware, 2020 was consequential year for all of us. What begun as one of the strongest U.S. economies in history, quickly turned negative towards the end of the first quarter as the  reality of the Covid-19 virus took hold. Unlike the previous economic collapse of 2008-2010, the Federal Reserve learned that massive, early[...] Continue reading
31 March, 2021

National Debt And Stocks

National Debt And Stocks Question: Are you concerned that with the national debt that the value of our stocks could drop dramatically, and what can be done to safeguard such a drop? *Response was given in January of 2021. Response: The bill for the COVID 19 response is going to have to be paid for by someone. The US national debt per working individual at the[...] Continue reading
25 February, 2021

Markets Don’t Wait

There were two distinct phases to the first quarter. The first was characterized by an equity market surging to all-time highs. This phase quickly faded into what seems like a distant memory following the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, largely shutting down the global economy. Financial markets were derailed as investors attempted to assess the extent and[...] Continue reading
17 April, 2020

Why You Should Keep a Close Eye on the Repo Market

One of the most overlooked powers of the financial market is so important that it actually acts as the plumbing that makes everything go. I’m talking about the repo market, which is shorthand for repurchase agreements. Although there are a lot of moving parts within the repo market, it’s a critical system that helps the financial market and economy function[...] Continue reading
2 October, 2019

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