National Debt And Stocks

National Debt And Stocks Question: Are you concerned that with the national debt that the value of our stocks could drop dramatically, and what can be done to safeguard such a drop? *Response was given in January of 2021. Response: The bill for the COVID 19 response is going to have to be paid for by someone. The US national debt per working individual at the[...] Continue reading
25 February, 2021

Markets Don’t Wait

There were two distinct phases to the first quarter. The first was characterized by an equity market surging to all-time highs. This phase quickly faded into what seems like a distant memory following the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, largely shutting down the global economy. Financial markets were derailed as investors attempted to assess the extent and[...] Continue reading
16 April, 2020

Why you should keep a close eye on the repo market

One of the most overlooked powers of the financial market is so important that it actually acts as the plumbing that makes everything go. I’m talking about the repo market, which is shorthand for repurchase agreements. Although there are a lot of moving parts within the repo market, it’s a critical system that helps the financial market and economy function[...] Continue reading
2 October, 2019

Why slowing retail earnings growth isn’t a bad thing

As we reach the tail-end of earnings season, we’ve seen a majority of companies report in line or slightly better than anticipated. It looks like this may be the end of earnings growth, but overall earnings are positive. However, slowed corporate earnings isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t equate to companies losing money. For one, companies are hiring[...] Continue reading
21 February, 2019

Holiday cheer fades as markets deliver a reality check

The first real stock and bond market tumult since the fourth quarter of 2015 has grabbed media attention and put investors on edge. After rising nearly 10% through September, the S&P 500 entered “correction” territory, ultimately returning a negative 4.4% for the year 2018. There are numerous rationales for the swoon, with number one being fear that the U.S.[...] Continue reading
2 January, 2019

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