Why You Should Keep a Close Eye on the Repo Market

One of the most overlooked powers of the financial market is so important that it actually acts as the plumbing that makes everything go. I’m talking about the repo market, which is shorthand for repurchase agreements. Although there are a lot of moving parts within the repo market, it’s a critical system that helps the financial market and economy function[...] Continue reading
2 October, 2019

Market Volatility Is Not as Spooky as it Sounds

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, investors shouldn’t let the market spook them. When the market is on a slight downturn, it’s common for some investors to become nervous or scared. However, these ebbs and flows are the nature of the market and it’s crucial for investors to not let the bumps along the way distract them from their savings goals.[...] Continue reading
30 October, 2018

Some Debt Is Not Like the Other

With all the talk lately concerning the U.S. debt and how it will grow due to the new tax plan, we thought it would be a good idea to address what it means. First and foremost, we must differentiate between individual/corporate debt and the debt of a sovereign nation such as the U.S. Individual and corporate debt must be managed in a fiscally prudent manner or face[...] Continue reading
9 February, 2018

What Is Brexit & How Will It Affect the Economy?

Over the past several weeks, headlines about ‘Brexit’ have been circulating in anticipation of the British referendum on June 23. The British people will vote on Thursday of this week on whether to leave the European Union (EU). If they do vote to leave, the UK people are effectively saying they don’t want to play by the EU’s economic rules any more. Issues[...] Continue reading
20 June, 2016

What does a Fed rate increase mean?

  The Federal Reserve raises or lowers the Fed funds rate in order to either increase or slow down the rate of growth in the U.S. economy. The Fed funds rate is the rate member banks charge each other for the use of excess reserves. This rate trickles down to what banks then charge for loans such as car loans, mortgages, credit cards, business loans and other[...] Continue reading
16 December, 2015

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