Test Your Financial IQ: Your Guide to Financial Literacy

A recent global financial literacy study by Standard and Poor's reveals that only 57 percent of US adults are financially literate. Since April is Financial Literacy Month, we put together a word list to help you become more familiar with common financial terms and test your financial IQ. Having a better understanding of the jargon from the financial world is a step[...] Continue reading
18 April, 2023

How to Set Your Child Up for Financial Success

If you search the internet for financial education articles about “money lessons,” there’s list after list of lessons you need to learn by a certain age or rundowns from individuals about what they wish they had learned about money when they were younger. These financial information catalogs cover everything from saving and investing to compounding interest.[...] Continue reading
18 April, 2023

Tip of the Month: Marriage & Money

We're in the middle of wedding season, and during this time, there's a lot of advice that couples receive ahead of their big day. While there's so much to be excited about when planning a life together, remember that it's important that you spend time considering the little details that will make your marriage a success. While financial issues can complicate any[...] Continue reading
23 February, 2023

4 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Worth Setting

As the holiday season ends, many people want to know how to get back on track with their financial goals. Setting New Year's resolutions can help you start the year off right! Consider these four goals to set for next year. 1. Save More Money One of the top financial goals people set each year is saving more money. However, with such a broad goal, it's often helpful to[...] Continue reading
7 December, 2022

Should You Buy or Rent Your Next House?

Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s home for the first time or looking to relocate you're likely considering whether you should rent or buy your next house. Many different factors will influence your decision, including: Budget Family size Pets Location Preferences It can be tough to consider whether it is better to rent or buy,[...] Continue reading
7 December, 2022

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