Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

What to Know Before Meeting With a Financial Advisor Deciding to work with a financial advisor is a big decision. After all, they'll be in charge of managing your personal finances and long-term investment strategy. What you do with your money impacts your future. You want to make sure you'll be working with a professional that will help guide you towards your[...] Continue reading
28 December, 2021

How to Hire a Financial Advisor

While most people need a good financial planner at some point in their lives, few know how to find an advisor they can trust. Maybe you're looking to start saving for retirement or get advice on buying your first house. Whatever the reason, financial advisors can help you get what you need from your finances at the least risk to you. Choosing a Financial Advisor If you[...] Continue reading
21 December, 2021

Cheat Sheet: 5 Steps to Grow Your Wealth During Retirement

You've worked hard throughout your life to build your savings. You can continue to grow your wealth in retirement by following these five steps: 1. Keep Investing Investing is an effective way to grow your wealth. If you retire with a substantial nest egg, you can grow it exponentially by staying aggressive with your investments. A financial advisor can help you[...] Continue reading
25 May, 2021

Benefits of Working With a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Working with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) can help you develop your investment strategy and manage your assets. They have a fiduciary duty to further your interests, and through their expertise, you can grow and diversify your portfolio without worrying over the finer points of planning. What exactly is an RIA, and how can they help?  What Is a Registered[...] Continue reading
19 April, 2021

Tip of the Month: The Difference Between Strategic And Tactical Asset Allocation

At Fort Pitt, our financial consultants discuss the overall risk tolerance and objectives with each client to determine an appropriate asset allocation. Once that allocation is determined, our portfolio managers will distribute the capital both strategically and tactically to invest with a focus on what is best for each individual client. So, you may be asking yourself,[...] Continue reading
25 March, 2021

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