Should You Buy or Rent Your Next House?

Whether you're moving out of your parent's home for the first time or you're looking to relocate, you're likely considering if you should rent or buy your next house. Many different factors will influence your decision, including: Budget Family size Pets Location Preferences It can be tough to consider whether it is better to rent or buy,[...] Continue reading
14 June, 2022

How Does Multigenerational Planning Work?

How Does Multigenerational Planning Work? With changing family dynamics across generations, financial plans should focus on the goals and intentions of individuals, couples, or families. Families are more interconnected now than ever, and multiple generations are essential to consider when creating a plan and legacy. As you continue to grow your personal wealth, it's[...] Continue reading
1 June, 2022

Suddenly Single: Financial To-Do’s for Newly Divorced Individuals

Going through a divorce is an arduous process, and the thought of untangling joint finances seems like a daunting task. To minimize financial damage, it’s essential to be proactive by promptly getting things in order. 9 Financial Tips for Newly Divorced Individuals The advisors at Fort Pitt Capital Group have helped many newly divorced individuals turn what seemed[...] Continue reading
9 May, 2022

Tip of the Month: Marriage & Money

We’re in the middle of wedding season and during this time there’s a lot of advice that couples receive ahead of their big day. While there's so much to be excited about when planning a life together, remember that it's important that you spend time considering the little details that will make your marriage a success. While financial issues can complicate any[...] Continue reading
6 May, 2022

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

If you're serious about managing your finances, you'll want all the expertise you can get to stay on track to achieve your short- and long-term goals. Big and small life changes bring an increased need for an adaptive financial plan that can accommodate your life at every stage. A financial advisor can help you create this plan and put it into action. Whether the[...] Continue reading
4 April, 2022

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