Tip of the Month: How to Keep Your Financial Resolutions

When it comes to financial planning, we believe that every good plan begins with well-defined goals. That’s why we are a big proponent of setting financial resolutions at the start of each New Year. However, a study shows that only 58 percent of people maintain their resolutions past one month. Sure, it can be tough to stay on track, but getting your financial house[...] Continue reading
23 January, 2018

Navigating finances as a cohabitating couple

Millennials are notorious for taking on a more non-traditional lifestyle. In fact, according to Pew Research, 14 percent of Americans ages 25 to 34 are cohabitating (and interestingly enough, boomers are beginning to follow suit, with the number of cohabitating adults over 50 increasing as well). With the number of cohabitating couples on the rise, it’s important to[...] Continue reading
11 January, 2018

Tip of the Month: Holiday Budget Busted…Now What?

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get carried away financially. Sure, you may have started off with a sensible holiday allowance, but that budget may have been quickly busted between purchasing gifts and entertaining family and friends. Below are some tips to help get you, and your wallet, back on track. Tip #1 – Make returns. Maybe you went a bit overboard[...] Continue reading
31 December, 2017

Financial Timeline & Checklist for Newlyweds

As wedding season comes to a close and we begin to enter the holiday season when most couples get engaged, we thought this was a good time to address the question: Now What? Getting married is a wonderful accomplishment, but sometimes, tough financial conversations between you and your new spouse can bring the flourishing ‘wedding bliss’ to an abrupt end. We[...] Continue reading
8 November, 2017

The most overlooked part of your estate plan

When it comes to estate planning, many individuals strongly prioritize the importance of having a Last Will and Testament. They meet with an attorney, plan out and execute their Will, and then proceed to file the document away for a later time. However, by focusing only on the importance of their Will and neglecting other essential estate planning documents, namely their[...] Continue reading
25 September, 2017

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