All About Medicare

    Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Brad Newman, CFP®, hosts Medicare Benefits Consultant Scott Dardick to discuss what to know about Medicare. The presentation will cover: An overview of Medicare basics The differences between Medigap supplement and Advantage plans How Part A and Part B work in terms of coverage How prescriptions or[...] Continue reading
6 October, 2023

Navigating Healthcare Before 65

    Fort Pitt Financial Advisors Skylar Riddle, CFP®, and Emily Sippel, CFP® host Vice President of Insurance Services of Zelienople, Rachael Kirschner, and Rob Myers, to discuss what to know about healthcare coverage before age 65. They cover a range of questions and topics, including: How early retirement affects healthcare Career changes[...] Continue reading
11 September, 2023

Financial Planning: A Guide to Building Your Wealth

    Watch Fort Pitt Financial Advisor Emily P. Franco, CFP®, and Financial Planner Andrew Van Treeck, CFP®, as they review the basics of financial planning. The discussion will answer questions such as: What is a financial plan? Who needs one? Why is it important? What are the key components of a successful financial plan? How does[...] Continue reading
7 August, 2023

All About Insurance

    Watch Fort Pitt Financial Advisor Brad Newman, CFP® discuss insurance basics and how it fits into Fort Pitt’s financial planning strategy. The discussion covers: Fort Pitt’s holistic planning strategy Different types of insurance to address your needs Reasons why you might need insurance Life phases of insurance Commonly[...] Continue reading
30 June, 2023

Maximizing Your Military & Veteran Benefits

    Join Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Bryson Roof, CFP®, and Attorney, Michael Quatrini, as they discuss frequently asked questions regarding how to maximize military benefits, including questions related to Agent Orange, Camp Lejeune, and service-related injuries. About the Host: Bryson has a rich family history of patriotic military service[...] Continue reading
25 May, 2023

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