Retirement Planning Do’s & Don’ts

Retirement can prompt a lot of questions and uncertainty. Working with a professional can help you prepare for and peacefully navigate the next chapter of your life. Join Fort Pitt’s Santo Liberto and Brad Newman as they answer questions like: Why do you need a plan? What is Investment Management? When and how should you hire an advisor? What should a[...] Continue reading
8 April, 2022

Home Project Planning 101

No matter how big or small your renovation plans are, the steps remain the same. Proper research and planning, plus a little help from professionals, can help you make the most of your budget. Watch Financial Advisor Kaitlyn Haney host designer, Catherine Montague, as they discuss: - How to build short-term savings - Planning your budget - Benefits of working[...] Continue reading
24 March, 2022

Eating Healthy to Combat Stress We all face several stressors in our lives, whether from work, school, family, etc. Stress can motivate or help us get a task done in the short term. However, in the long term, stress can be harmful. Don’t let stress get the best of you. Watch Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor Chris Chaney host Laura Zervos, Registered Dietitian[...] Continue reading
25 February, 2022

2022 Economic Outlook

Dave Zabela hosts Chief Investment Officer Dan Eye, CFA®, and Portfolio Manager Carter Henderson to answer your questions and share their insights on 2022's outlook. Want to take a deeper dive? Watch How We Choose Stocks for even more from our portfolio management team!   *Nothing in this webinar should be construed as a[...] Continue reading
26 January, 2022

Navigating Finances – Webinar with PennLive

Watch Bob Geiger with and the Patriot host the virtual event Navigating Finances with our nonprofit sponsor United Way! We’ll dive right into our first discussion with Bradley R. Newman, CFP®, and Daniel T. Eye, CFA® to help us talk about what money moves to make this year and how to plan for your future financially. Brad is the Lead Financial[...] Continue reading
21 January, 2022

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