Charitable Gifting Strategies – Make the Most of Your Donations

Katharine Perry from Fort Pitt Capital Group talks with guests Amy B. Razem, CAP® from the Pittsburgh Foundation, and lawyer Nicole Phatak about making the most of your donations. They cover topics like: Tax-efficient donation methods Ways to make an impact beyond sending money Qualified charitable distribution strategies for RMDs Donor advised funds[...] Continue reading
5 April, 2021

Property Ownership from Financing to Maintaining

Turn those To-Dos into Can-Dos! Property owning can be rewarding but also challenging. From financing a new property to major renovation and then maintenance, Fort Pitt Capital Group and Freedom Home Advantage want to help you make smart choices so you can enjoy more of the rewarding-side of property ownership and less of the challenges. Join us as Fort Pitt Capital[...] Continue reading
17 March, 2021

When Should I Hire (or Change) a Financial Advisor

Let’s be honest – not everyone is ready to hire a financial advisor. When does working with an advisor begin to make sense, AND which type of advisor should you consider during different life stages? Certified Financial Planner Practitioner, Brad Newman, will address the stages of life and situations that may arise that warrant hiring or "upgrading" an advisor and[...] Continue reading
11 March, 2021

How We Choose Stocks

Chuck Mattiucci, AIF®, hosts our very own Chief Investment Officer Charlie Smith and Portfolio Specialist Carter Henderson to share how our team decides what stocks we add to our clients' portfolios. They will cover the following topics: What are the advantages/ disadvantages of investing in individual stocks? What type of stocks or companies does Fort Pitt like[...] Continue reading
10 March, 2021

Webinar: Business of Beer

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life challenging for many business owners, especially those in the craft brew industry. Fort Pitt Capital Group teamed up with Hop Culture Magazine to host a webinar about how brewers can prepare for a secure financial future. Chris Chaney, vice president of Fort Pitt Capital Group, covered business building, and exit planning topics. Nathan[...] Continue reading
24 November, 2020

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