Seven Smart Tax Saving Tips

Fort Pitt Captial Group’s Financial Advisor Beth Lynch, CFP®, educated high-income earners about smart tax-saving tips and strategies to implement in the new year. View the webinar or scroll down to read the transcripts. There aren’t any earth-shattering new tax laws for 2024. Most of the changes are inflation[...] Continue reading
11 December, 2023

Charitable Giving: Making a Lasting Impact Through Donations

*Scroll down for the full video.* My name is Chris Chaney. I am a senior financial advisor with Fort Pitt Capital Group. We are a money management firm with offices in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Naples, Florida. We provide comprehensive, planning-based portfolio management for individuals, institutions, businesses, and endowments across the country. Our sole focus is[...] Continue reading
4 December, 2023

Orchids 101: Moth Orchid Culture

    From growing orchids to growing your wealth, Fort Pitt hosts Tim Choltco to discuss how to make sure that you have the extra income to live your retirement your way, which could include growing orchids! From finances to flowers, they cover various topics such as: Preretirement tips and tricks Planning for fun, including hobbies or travel[...] Continue reading
27 October, 2023

All About Medicare

    Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Brad Newman, CFP®, hosts Medicare Benefits Consultant Scott Dardick to discuss what to know about Medicare. The presentation will cover: An overview of Medicare basics The differences between Medigap supplement and Advantage plans How Part A and Part B work in terms of coverage How prescriptions or[...] Continue reading
6 October, 2023

Navigating Healthcare Before 65

    Fort Pitt Financial Advisors Skylar Riddle, CFP®, and Emily Sippel, CFP® host Vice President of Insurance Services of Zelienople, Rachael Kirschner, and Rob Myers, to discuss what to know about healthcare coverage before age 65. They cover a range of questions and topics, including: How early retirement affects healthcare Career changes[...] Continue reading
11 September, 2023

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