Make the Most of Virtual Conferences With These Safety Tips

Virtual conferences have become necessary for many people this year and they aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. The technology that allows us to do this will likely be a big part of our futures as people continue to use remote video for working, collaborating, and communicating with others. But to keep you and your family safe, you’ll want to do more than just[...] Continue reading
18 September, 2020

Protect Your Computer Against Ransomware

With so many people using computers and cell phones to complete daily tasks, it’s important to understand what digital threats you should be on the lookout for. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have become a common threat that holds computer files hostage until a payment is made. This malicious software is often hidden in attachments and links and can encrypt[...] Continue reading
20 August, 2020

What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?

When you pass, a will can help make sure your wishes are followed. This legal document states what you would like to happen to your assets and property. Most people are likely envisioning a home, jewelry and money being split up between siblings after a parent passes away. However, what happens to your digital assets when you die? How do you handle online bank and[...] Continue reading
11 February, 2020

Tips for Safely & Securely Shopping Online

Hello Cyber Monday! It’s one of the biggest online shopping days of the year and the following weeks are sure to see a lot of online shopping traffic as people hunt for holiday gifts for loved ones. But cybercriminals will be hunting for something as well, your personal information. You can bet as you ramp up your online shopping activity they are ramping up their[...] Continue reading
2 December, 2019

Your Password May Make You a Victim of Hacking

Passwords are key to protecting online accounts. But can you really remember dozens of different passwords, each dotted with their own numbers and symbols? Probably not, and you no longer need to. The new SANS Institute newsletter explains three ways to simplify your passwords while still protecting your information. Read the full newsletter here. Passphrases are a[...] Continue reading
8 April, 2019

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