The Art of Dodging Phone Call Scams & Attacks

Not all cyber criminals are evil geniuses. Many cyber attacks happen with an old-fashioned phone call, mainly because there are fewer security regulations and it’s easier to convey emotion to trick people. The latest newsletter from SANS offers examples on the nature of phone call scams and attacks:[...] Continue reading
25 July, 2018

GDPR: What Is It & How Does It Affect Me?

Recently, GDPR has been making headlines, but what is it? The General Data Protection Regulation is a law developed by the European Union (EU), which went into effect May 25, 2018. Regardless of where an organization is located, the law protects the personal information of all EU residents and requires organizations to maintain the privacy and security of their personal[...] Continue reading
7 June, 2018

Trusting Companies With Your Data in the Digital Era

Increasingly, companies are coming under pressure for not being able to protect consumer data. Recently, news came to light that millions of Facebook user records are being used and sold to a third party company. Facebook has over 2.2 billion users and now many users have lost trust in the popular social media platform in the aftermath of this news. If you’re weary of[...] Continue reading
11 April, 2018

How to Protect Your Online Accounts

Anyone with an online account is familiar with providing verification in order to login and access an account. Whether it’s to pay a bill, manage a service, or set up an appointment, a login and password is virtually always requested. These safeguards are put in place to protect the user’s personal information. While passwords are a great way to protect accounts,[...] Continue reading
16 January, 2018

Helping others protect against cyber attacks

While many of us are frequent users of technology and are familiar with how to use it securely, you may have family or friends who may not feel as comfortable. Being unfamiliar or intimidated by technology makes individuals susceptible to cyber attacks. According to a SANS Institute newsletter, there are five simple steps to share with loved ones to help them overcome[...] Continue reading
7 December, 2017

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