Eldercare Planning for Your Aging Parents

Skylar Riddle, CFP® Financial Advisor at Fort Pitt Capital Group invited guest presenter Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™ to cover topics like: - What happens to the assets when entering a care facility? -Can I self-fund? -Why is planning a game-changer? -How long are people in assisted living and what is the cost? -What are the different eldercare options available and[...] Continue reading
26 August, 2022

Cash Balance Plans

The Business Owner's Secret Investment Weapon Watch Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Retirement Plan Services with Kevin Hefke from Dunbar, Bender & Zapf  in our webinar “Cash Balance Plans- The Business Owner’s Secret Investment Weapon.” Discover the surprising benefits of Cash Balance pension plans and how professionals can stop leaving money on the table. We[...] Continue reading
22 July, 2022

How to Survive A Recession

Our Insights on a Volatile Market Watch as Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Chief Investment Officer Dan Eye breaks down the anatomy of a financial recession and provides insights on how your savings can survive its impact. We will cover a range of information: What is a recession? Are we in one? What can I do to mitigate loss? When is the right time to pull my[...] Continue reading
29 June, 2022

Orchids to Retirement: Why Diversification Breeds Success

Watch Fort Pitt Capital Group explore why diversification works so well to sustain everything from your savings to nature itself. We will look at diversity in nature through the lens of the ever-fascinating orchid and compare it to the lessons we’ve learned in finance. Fort Pitt Capital Group will discuss what a sound, diverse portfolio is, how to achieve it, and why[...] Continue reading
17 June, 2022

Webinar: Estate Planning Advice for the Retired And High Net Worth

When is the best time to gift your house to someone? What tax situations will your children run into with a gift from you? What can you gift a child while still alive? Our recent webinar on estate planning for retirees and high net worth individuals answered all of those questions and many, many more. Brad Newman, our lead investment advisor located in Harrisburg,[...] Continue reading
14 June, 2022

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