Bailey Kersnick

Junior Investment Analyst Email: FOCUS Bailey maintains and rebalances portfolios, as well as processes trades per Fort Pitt Capital’s strategic models. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Bailey graduated in 2022 with a degree in finance. Prior to working at Fort Pitt Capital Group, Bailey was an analyst for BNY Mellon and held an internship with[...] Continue reading
21 November, 2023

Christopher Barto

Senior Investment Analyst Email: FOCUS Chris’ core focus as the Senior Investment Analyst is to assist the Head of Asset Management, the CIO and the firm with equity research, portfolio management, and bring new ideas to the table for long-term investing in the Individual Securities models. With an extensive background in equity research[...] Continue reading
30 June, 2022

Gage Silverman

Investment Analyst Email: FOCUS Gage’s main responsibilities include placing investment trades, rebalancing portfolios, and drift maintenance for investment accounts. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Gage graduated in 2022 with a degree in Finance. His academic focus was on Investment Management and Financial Analysis. Prior to Fort Pitt Capital,[...] Continue reading
21 June, 2022

Jay Sommariva

Managing Partner, Chief of Asset Management Email: FOCUS Jay focuses on the management of the asset management team and oversees the investment process. He is also the dedicated fixed income portfolio manager responsible for the fixed income strategy of the firm. He pays close attention to the latest economic and geopolitical[...] Continue reading
21 August, 2020

Greg Mastrean

Securities Trader Email: FOCUS Greg is responsible for entering and executing all stock and mutual fund transactions. An avid news junkie, Greg thrives on watching headlines roll across the screen and keeping a close eye on how economic, geopolitical, and corporate events effects the domestic and international stock markets on a daily[...] Continue reading
21 August, 2020

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