Qualified vs. Nonqualified Retirement Plans

When you read about different types of retirement plans, you are sure to run across the terms “nonqualified” and “qualified.” These words have numerous implications on the way that these plans are run and both current and future taxation. As an employee, it is crucial that you understand how your retirement plan’s structure will affect your investments in[...] Continue reading
7 December, 2022

Changes to 2023 Retirement Contributions

The new 2023 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits are official. Your Fort Pitt Capital team wants to ensure you use these Internal Revenue Service changes to your advantage. The following highlight some of the limits that have risen for 2023: Maximum contributions for 401(k), 403(b) and 457 increases to $22,500 Social Security Wage Base increases to $160,200[...] Continue reading
25 October, 2022

Do You Need Life Insurance After You Retire?

Many individuals have life insurance to provide for their families after their death. If you are retired or considering retirement, you may wonder whether you still need a life insurance policy. This guide covers the factors to consider and how you could benefit from life insurance after you retire. How Life Insurance Fits In Life insurance helps a household manage[...] Continue reading
28 September, 2022

15-Minute Guide to Retirement Planning

Written by: Chuck Mattiucci, AIF® | Financial Advisor You may love your career and find your work fulfilling, but you likely don’t plan on working for the rest of your life. If you hope to retire at some point, you need to have a plan and money set aside. Retirement planning is an active process, something you need to be involved in from day one. Whether[...] Continue reading
28 July, 2022

How Do You Replace an Income Stream During Retirement?

As you prepare for retirement, you may be looking forward to some deserved time for relaxation, travel, and hobbies. Determining how to replace an income stream so you can fully enjoy your retirement is an essential step in the process. How to Finance Your Retirement You can take several steps to prepare financially for retirement: Calculate your expenses:[...] Continue reading
20 May, 2022

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