Consolidation of Financial Statements

There are a variety of things you should consider when consolidating accounts and organizing your finances. At Fort Pitt, it’s a priority of ours to help clients organize their financial lives and help them with their financial planning goals. There are several benefits that come along with consolidating old accounts, such as 401(k)s from previous employers. When[...] Continue reading
16 July, 2020

Your Emergency Fund – How Much, Plus Why, How, and Where

It is times like these that stress the importance of planning a healthy savings strategy and how much of an emergency fund you should have. If you are experiencing your own personal recession amid these times of Social Distancing and are among the almost 40 million Americans that have filed for unemployment since March, this probably is not your top priority. Times of[...] Continue reading
26 May, 2020

Investing Internationally: Developed vs. Developing Economies

Written by: Daniel Eye, CFA® | Chief Investment Officer For investors seeking to create a diverse investment portfolio, international exposure is something that should be considered. International investments can provide investors with access to many different growth opportunities and markets that are not available domestically. Despite the benefits of[...] Continue reading
7 February, 2020

Ways You Can Make Charitable Giving Fit Into Your Financial Plan

December 3, 2019 is an international day of charitable giving known as GivingTuesday. It is predicted to surpass half a billion dollars raised in the U.S. alone. The benefit of financial gifting is two-fold: Fulfilling philanthropic desires Taking advantage of IRS tax deductions Before making charitable donations, consider how charitable gifting aligns with[...] Continue reading
26 November, 2019

When is the right time to start working with a financial advisor?

Why do people turn to a personal trainer? It’s because they have a goal to achieve whether it’s to lose weight, to add muscle or tone their body, or just to lead a healthier lifestyle. They seek the help of a professional to keep them guided, on track, and accountable while they aim to reach these health objectives. The same concept should apply to people working with[...] Continue reading
12 November, 2019

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