Erica Patti

Email: FOCUS Erica is responsible for on-boarding clients, communicating information to our trade team, preparing client reviews and scheduling appointments. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Erica brings nearly 9 years of customer service experience to Fort Pitt Capital Group. She was attracted to the idea of working for a close-knit company and thought[...] Continue reading
21 August, 2020

Santo Liberto

Senior Vice President Email: FOCUS Santo works as a financial advisor for both new and existing clients, providing personalized financial advice. Santo has valued personal relationships with clients and co-workers from his first day on the job. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Santo began his career in financial services in 1999 with a small brokerage[...] Continue reading
21 August, 2020

Emily P. Franco

Email: FOCUS Emily is a creative problem solver who will exhaust every possibility to help her clients achieve their goals. As a financial advisor, Emily enjoys helping clients organize their financial lives, plan for their futures, and feel secure in the present. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Emily has been working in financial services for a decade,[...] Continue reading
21 August, 2020

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